ProQual Level 4 Award in Understanding Disclosure of Information


As the  UK’s leading provider of regulated Intelligence qualifications we often discuss the need for more effective processes when looking at the disclosure of information. It was clear to us that this is an area for which formal training and assessment would be of significant benefit to a range of our partners in both the public and private sector and are now the UKs first provider of officially regulated qualification in Understanding Disclosure of Information, following the development of a Level 4 qualification with ProQual Awarding Body. The course is designed for those performing the role of Disclosure or Investigation Officer and can also be relevant for evidence assessors and decision makers as well as staff in criminal justice units and prosecution agencies involved in considering material in criminal investigations. The course focuses on the role of the Disclosure or Investigation Officer in order to ensure full compliance with disclosure requirements under CPIA legislation.

This qualification further bolsters our existing range of intelligence and investigative qualifications and can be undertaken as a standalone qualification or as an added value opportunity to our existing Level 4 Intelligence programmes.


This programme equips analysts with a comprehensive knowledge base that can then be applied throughout their career across a variety of roles.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding the principles of disclosure
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of those associated with disclosure
  • Understanding relevance, recording and retention as part of the disclosure process
  • Applying the disclosure test
  • Understanding defence requirements as part of the disclosure test


Disclosure training is designed to support all relevant functions and can be flexible to specific individual and organisational requirements. Training is classroom based and includes a combination of theory assignment and practical exercises to ensure knowledge and competence requirements are achieved.

What will this qualification give me?

  • An understanding of underpinning disclosure theory and processes.
  • Increased awareness of the roles and responsibilities associated with disclosure.
  • Confidence to be involved in the disclosure process and understand legislative requirements.
  • The Highest level of vocational intelligence qualification in available in Europe as recognition of your knowledge and skills.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is suitable for anybody that may be exposed to the disclosure process. Specific roles will include but are not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Financial Investigators
  • Social Services
  • Prisons and Probation
  • Charities
  • Environmental Health
  • Retail
  • Fraud and Loss Prevention