Sustainable cyber awareness to support cultural change

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Cyber threats will cost the Global economy over $2 Trillion each year.  A significant amount of attacks are facilitated by human error or a lack of cyber awareness, yet we focus on prevention of attacks through increased awareness and effective culture. The Cyber Stars Initiative was developed to help reduce the cyber threat to business that is enabled through a lack of employee awareness and confidence to identify and act upon concerns. The Cyber Stars Initiative is the only cyber security awareness programme with an official UK Government regulated qualification attached.

Cyber Stars

The Cyber Stars programme is a classroom based training session, with an average duration of 6 hours. Content has been specifically developed by our combination of technical cyber experts, experienced risk managers and educational psychologists to ensure the most engaging learning experience possible. The session is aimed at those individuals identified as Cyber “Ambassadors” for their organisation, yet is equally effective for high risk user groups or owners of cyber risk within the organisation. Cyber Stars should be identified across every business function and will have an ongoing responsibility for cascading of cyber threat information and implementation of best practice.

Cyber Stars Lite

Following the success of Cyber Stars we were proud to announce Cyber Stars “Lite” in 2016, which has subsequently been undertaken by over 250,000 users worldwide. Not every employee needs to be a Cyber Star, indeed the Initiative was developed to ensure that Cyber Stars spread threat knowledge and create a natural culture of awareness within the workplace, yet there is still a requirement for others to be trained in common threat, mitigation and response and enable them to engage with cyber risk effectively. We have found that traditional mandatory training is rarely effective or retained and have developed this programme to provide a more modern and engaging alternative to mandatory awareness training.

A fully accredited programme, Cyber Stars Lite involves education through fully immersive film. Through 45 minutes of film-based education, learners will engage with a range of cyber security subjects in a manner that maximises engagement, understanding and retention. With the completion of an assessment we are able to provide a clear metric to an organisation of where individuals have achieved or any areas in which require more specific development.

Cyber Stars Lite is available in 12 languages and has currently been delivered successfully to learners in over 25 countries.

Cyber Stars 365

The Cyber Stars Initiative has been an imbedded part of cyber security strategy for organisations across the globe since 2015, with over 200,000 Cyber Stars worldwide. With increased demand for metrics that highlight both knowledge and risk within an organisation, our client demand has led to the development and implementation of Cyber Stars 365.  A sustainable cyber security awareness solution that provides a 24/7, 365 day insight across your business. The platform provides detailed metrics on knowledge and engagement over time whilst allowing for detailed insight into specific user groups, job functions or locations. In turn, these metrics provide evidence for regulators and also inform effective awareness strategies. Future awareness and education activities can be developed based upon an analytical understanding of training needs and targeted for the correct user groups, eliminating the requirement for unnecessary re-training.

Cyber Stars CNI

Recognising the subtle differences in education content and delivery needed for those working with Operational Technology, working with leading industry partners, Cyber Stars is the first education and awareness programme with an official qualification in cyber security awareness for those working within Critical National Infrastructre. As the cyber threats to CNI continue to increase and evolve it is essential that those with access to and responsibility for keeping Operational Technology secure, to fully understand cyber security threats within the relevant and specific context. Generic IT based cyber awareness training often misses the requirement for those working in more operational technology roles and our curriculum has been developed with leading providers of CNI in the United Kingdom to ensure complete relevance to those working in role. Cyber Stars CNI curriculums are specific to individual sector risks and support NIST Directive requirements associated with cyber security awareness within CNI.

Risk Profiling

Understanding your Cyber risk profile is an essential precursor to the implementation of an effective cyber security strategy. Training should be structured, focused and relevant and our risk profile services allow an organisation to identify high risk user groups, locations and business specific vulnerabilities. With expertise and exposure to the most current cyber threat techniques, our team replicate methods used by cyber threat groups to understand ways in which your organisation is most susceptible to cyber threat. Please see our Cyber brochure for more details of the various services available

Technical Support 

Intqual-pro have long standing relationships with organisations all over the Globe. As trusted partners with significant knowledge of cyber security threats and relevant technology that can support in mitigation we are well placed to provide a range of technical support services specific to an organisations needs. Please do contact us for any specific technical requirement or assessment and a specialist team member will reach out to discuss potential solutions

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    Support and guidance

    Nominated assessor for the duration of your programme to provide support and guidance

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    Secure e-learning platform

    Bespoke and secure e-learning platform that can be accessed from any supported device

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    Regulated qualifications

    OFQUAL regulated qualifications included in all training programmes

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    Case studies and exercise content

    Sector specific case studies and exercise content to imbed learning

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    Library of free investigative tools

    Access to an ever evolving library of free investigative tools to support our learners

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    Clear professional development pathways

    Clear professional development pathways to include Level 2 through to Level 6 qualifications as appropriate to role

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