End Point Assessment

Intqual-pro are delighted to be recognised as an approved End Point Assessment Organisation for the new Intelligence Analyst  and Counter Fraud Investigator Apprenticeship Standards. This approval reflects our experience and engagement within the Intelligence and Investigative community over the last 5 years, as the UKs largest provider of formally recognised Intelligence qualifications. Within the Intelligence and Security Sector, robust and consistent assessment decisions are essential for us to have the confidence in the knowledge, skills and behaviours of individuals trusted to work within often critical roles. At Intqual-pro we have formerly assessed more intelligence professionals than any other organisation against regulated qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks and look forward to bringing that expertise to the End Point Assessment.


Developed by a combination of over 20 employers, Intqual-pro were nominated as the expert training provider for the Intelligence Analyst Trailblazer Group, offering a combination of intelligence and education sector advice and support for the group during the development of the Standard and associated End Point Assessment. As the first organisation approved to conduct End Point Assessment for the profession of Intelligence Analyst, we hope to continue our support for sector professionalisation and formal recognition of educational achievements within this field.

This standard is an evolution of the Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations and provides organisations with the bespoke training and recognition of knowledge, skills and behaviours across a range of intelligence researcher, analyst and officer roles. Sectors engaging with us in this programme to date include military, law enforcement, fraud and loss prevention, environmental, banking, insurance and prison/probation.

More recently we have been granted permission to undertake End Point Assessment for the Counter Fraud Investigator Standard, bringing our investigative experience across multiple sectors to a range of clients seeking to formalise their investigative training through use of apprenticeship standards.

End Point Assessment Engagement:

The purpose of End Point Assessment is to provide a professional and independent assessment as to the knowledge, skills and behaviours of an individual at the end of their training period. At Intqual-pro we will work closely with both employer and training provider to understand the nature and scope of the role of each individual and the intelligence processes and tasks for which they have responsibility. Through doing this we can ensure that End Point Assessment remains consistent, whilst also being relevant to role and sector, mapping clearly to the knowledge, skills and behaviours that employers require Intelligence professionals to hold.

We will engage with employers and training providers as early as possible in the process to ensure that interpretation of the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours being developed in training, are clearly aligned to the End Point Assessment strategy. We will provide mock end point assessment materials and review of training syllabus content to ensure all apprentices are fully prepared for End Point Assessment upon entry to gateway.


Our nominated End Point Assessment staff have a combined experience of hundreds of years as intelligence and investigative professionals, working across military, law enforcement, prison and custodial, financial services and utility sectors. The assessment team approach every organisation with a bespoke and organisationally specific assessment plan, ensuring that both employer and apprentice gets the assessment experience that is relevant, robust and credible. End Point Assessment is quality assured to the highest standards and in our 5 years an Intelligence sector specialist centre, not a single assessment decision has been appealed or challenged, testament to the rigour and professionalism that our assessors put into their assessment planning and feedback.

EPA Pricing:

At Intqual-pro we factor in employer engagement and understanding the specific needs and role of the apprentice to our pricing structure. Whether assessment is conducted in person or remotely, the same rigour and dilligence is applied to ensuring that the assessment strategy and materials are right for the apprentice and their employer.

Intelligence Analyst: £1200 per apprentice 

Counter Fraud Investigator: £1500 per apprentice

*£100 paid upon registration and the remainder on entry to gateway.

Due to our support in providing mock End Point Assessment materials and clear guidance on project and interview requirements we are confidence that the need for apprentices to resit assessment activity is minimised. As a result, we do not charge for the first resit across any of our End Point Assessment activity. Any subsequent resits are charged at £250 per assessment method.

Retakes of End Point Assessment are charged at £1100 per apprentice.


View Counter Fraud End Point Assessment here.

View Intelligence Analysis End Point Assessment here.


If you are an employer or training provider and would like to discuss End Point Assessment requirements for your Intelligence professionals, please contact EPA@Intqual-pro.com or call 01234 381158