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Skills based regulated qualifications for the counter fraud profession

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Counter Fraud Investigation

The development of the new Level 4 qualification in Fraud Investigation has allowed us to continue building formal recognition for professionals working and progressing within the sector, increasing opportunities and mobility for our colleagues across a range of investigative roles. This qualification offers a comprehensive learning framework that covers the breadth of competencies required to work within fraud investigation, yet we work in collaboration with employers to ensure that the specifics of the programme are tailored to the sector and specific organisational requirements for those on programme.

As well as teaching to the core fraud investigation framework we bring our experience in the delivery of similar level 4 qualifications and to develop additional practical and soft skills in line with the knowledge requirements of this framework. Giving exposure to activities such as interviewing victims, witness and suspects, familiarity within real courtroom environments, but also the development of an investigative mindset, effective communication, influencing and analytical skills to help to build confident and well-rounded investigators that add significant value to investigation teams and employers.

Fraud Prevention

With the year to year increase in cost to the economy of fraud, the growth and professional competence of those working in fraud prevention is an increasing priority for all organisations. The new Level 4 in Fraud Prevention is the first regulated qualification that provides a holistic framework of competencies for Fraud Prevention professionals to work to and demonstrate competence. With our successful intelligence and cyber security for business programmes, delivered to over 200,000 learners in over 30 countries, we are well placed to understand employer needs relating to fraud prevention strategy and will work with employers to ensure that the specific content of the programme is role relevant.

Professional Investigator

The government commissioned The Levenson Enquiry and The Parliamentary Home Affairs Select Committee (PHASC) to look at both the culture of the media but also the practices of investigators in the private sector. Both Inquiries found in favour of PI licensing. The PHASC recommended that licensing include that investigators have sufficient training and hold the approved qualification. The Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators is a qualification for individuals who work or would like to work as professional investigators. It focuses on how to research information from various sources; gather information through interviews; and have an overview of surveillance operations, both overt and covert; on gathering information in support of an investigation; planning and reporting investigations. This includes identifying the objectives of the investigation; dealing with conflicts of interest; and how to report and present the findings on the investigation. The qualification also deals with maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information during the investigation. 

Procurement fraud

Procurement Fraud Awareness is delivered via an e-learning package built. Delegates can progress at their own pace and once the e-learning package is complete, an on-line assessment is available to evidence knowledge. Once the assessment has been achieved, you have proven knowledge competence against industry recognised criteria and accredited by Skills for Justice Awards. 

Every organisation has a requirement to spend, and Procurement Fraud is globally recognised as a significant risk; it can occur at any point in the procurement cycle and is often notoriously difficult to detect. Procurement processes are particularly susceptible to fraud, all of which impact directly on the bottom line of any organisation and the potential reputational impact that follows.

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    Support and guidance

    Nominated assessor for the duration of your programme to provide support and guidance

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    Secure e-learning platform

    Bespoke and secure e-learning platform that can be accessed from any supported device

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    Regulated qualifications

    OFQUAL regulated qualifications included in all training programmes

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    Case studies and exercise content

    Sector specific case studies and exercise content to imbed learning

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    Library of free investigative tools

    Access to an ever evolving library of free investigative tools to support our learners

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    Clear professional development pathways

    Clear professional development pathways to include Level 2 through to Level 6 qualifications as appropriate to role

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