Our Qualifications

With a combined experience of over 200 years working across a variety of intelligence, investigation and security associated sectors, we are well placed to offer bespoke training and facilitation to all levels and structures within the intelligence and security sector. At Intqual-pro we believe that skills based qualifications have been in short supply to our sector. We seek to rectify this through the development and delivery of intelligence, cyber and safeguarding qualifications which meet industry needs.

Course attendance, or even unregulated accreditations are not enough to act as proof that an individual has the range of knowledge and skills required for them to be effective. Through the achievement of an OFQUAL regulated vocational qualification an individual or an employer can be sure that the entire range of knowledge and competence, specific to a role and based on pre defined national occupational standards, have been sufficiently demonstrated. Our programmes align directly to the criteria associated with the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP) and are increasingly the programme of choice for both public and private sector organisations that seek recognition for their intelligence professionals.

Our experience within the intelligence and security community has identified that many analysts receive little, or often no form of official analytical training. It is often assumed that being academically intelligent is enough to be an effective intelligence analyst. In reality, intelligence analysis is a skill which should be taught, trained and refined like any other.  We also find that very few analysts hold an official qualification that recognises their specific analytical skill set, something we are able to provide through our range of regulated qualifications.

Following our success in professionalising over 2000 analysts since 2014 we have recently began delivery of the first vocational qualifications in Fraud Investigation and Fraud Prevention. Both level 4 professional qualifications that cover the breadth of knowledge and skills required to develop a confident and well rounded fraud professional. These qualifications are delivered through flexible delivery models and contextualised to specific sectors and thematic areas of investigation.

Cyber security is a growing concern to all sizes of organisation and having staff that can effectively mitigate and respond to that cyber threat has never been as important. Qualifications based on utilising cyber resources and IT systems are well known, yet, with evolving cyber threats in all aspects of business, qualifications in cyber security, cyber safety and legislative compliance are equally, if not even more critical.

Safeguarding, anti-radicalisation (PREVENT) and cyber safety are other critical areas, where we believe attendance based training is not sufficient. These are areas critical to the safety and wellbeing of young people, yet through attendance based training there is often no method of checking understanding or the ability to apply the key principles. Our range of qualifications in this sector are designed to build practical confidence and facilitate more effective implementation of policy.