Who are we?

Formed in 2014, the Intqual-pro mission is to provide high quality training and regulated qualifications to intelligence analysts employed in a variety of roles. Our trainers consist of former military and law enforcement intelligence specialists and we have quickly became the UKs largest provider of OFQUAL regulated vocational intelligence qualifications. We have since, expanded the range of qualifications that we offer and now deliver a range of intelligence, cyber security and risk related programmes to learners in over 25 countries. Intqual-pro became the first UK training provider to offer an OFQUAL regulated qualification in Internet Research and Investigation, Understanding the PREVENT strategy and Cyber Security Awareness for Business. While other accreditations exist within these fields, we were the first to offer regulated qualifications available in this specific areas and remain sector leaders in all areas.

What we do

At Intqual-pro we are passionate about recognising the capabilities and achievements of individuals working across the intelligence, cyber and safeguarding communities. Although there are a number of training courses available across the fields in which we have expertise, we are the only UK based training provider with OFQUAL regulated qualifications attached to all of our training courses.

We ensure that each and every individual who undertakes training with us has the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised, OFQUAL regulated qualification, acting as proof that they have met a nationally recognised standard in their chosen field. In areas such as intelligence analysis, cyber security and safeguarding, these qualifications are an essential part of proving that you have the skills to perform a role.  With experience across a range of sectors and specific problem sets, our staff and associate trainers are ideally placed to meet your organisations specific needs.

Cyber stars

Cyber threats cost Global business an estimated $575 billion in 2017.  It is estimated that over 90% of those attacks were facilitated by human error or a lack of cyber awareness. The Cyber Stars Initiative was developed to help reduce the cyber threat to business generated by a lack of employee awareness and confidence. The Cyber Stars Initiative is the only cyber security awareness programme with an official UK Government regulated qualification attached. The Cyber Stars Initiative is far more than just a training course, or even a qualification. Cyber Stars provides a sustainable solution to cyber security awareness in an ever evolving landscape.