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Intelligence Operations

The UK’s leading OFQUAL approved vocational qualification in Intelligence Analysis, the Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations was launched in September 2014 and is perfect for experienced analysts looking to achieve a nationally recognised qualification as proof of their competence. The Level 4 focuses on influencing decision making through intelligence analysis. In addition to the most comprehensive analytical techniques training, this qualification includes sessions on developing judgements, forming assessments and making robust recommendations to stakeholders. Supporting analytical qualities like critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and an ability to maximise the delivery of intelligence products are also key components of the programme. As an intelligence analysis qualification, this diploma covers the full spectrum of intelligence analysis skills as defined by the National Occupational Standards.

Intelligence Management 

Following the unparalleled success of the Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations we are proud to be the first UK based provider of the Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management. The launch of the Level 6 Diploma ensures that the thousands of people that have completed the Higher Diploma and those with equivalent experience, now have a clear route of progression into an Intelligence Management role and an opportunity to achieve a qualification that recognises their specific management skill set within this sector. The diploma has been designed to combine conventional programmes that focus on leadership, management and communication, yet has been developed to be specific to the requirements, considerations and risks associated with the Intelligence sector. The qualification is developed to focus on both knowledge and skills, critically evaluating the need for specific leadership and management styles within certain environments, yet also providing evidence of effective management, communication and development within a management role. 

Internet Research and Investigation

 The first course of its type to include an OFQUAL registered and regulated qualification, enabling learners to both understand and apply processes to maximise the use of a range of internet-based resources.  The effective and legal use of internet-based resources for research and investigation is becomingly increasingly important to operational success across a range of sectors. Even more apparent is the increased use of these resources for due diligence processes and know your customer. How to use this vast resource efficiently and effectively is crucial to ensure focused results can be delivered within timeframes beneficial to the organisation with security remaining at the forefront of all online activity. Efficient and effective legal use coupled with
ensuring your own privacy and security is paramount. This programme introduces the internet and www as a resource and will give researchers and analysts tools to make best use of bespoke search techniques and freely available applications, whilst ensuring a user’s digital footprint is as minimal as possible and ensuring they remain legal and are able to filter vast amounts of open-source information to a particular requirement.

Emotional Intelligence

We regularly engage with employers that request emotional intelligence is developed within their analytical teams and sessions on emotional intelligence and it’s application within intelligence analysis are now a key part of many of our programmes in intelligence and investigations. We now offer this one day course as a stand alone to support analytical development in teams that do not require full analytical training. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand and handle your own emotions, and those of the people around you. A development of self awareness makes emotional intelligence the critical personal development tool for those wanting to excel at Leadership and those wanting to create or participate in high performing teams. People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they are feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people.

Behavioural Detection

This entry-level course in the basics of Behavioural Detection creates an organisation-wide culture of involvement in risk reduction and keeping public spaces protected by spotting a threat before it becomes one. This need is relevant to any crowded place that needs to reduce its threat risk – retail businesses, entertainment and sports venues, airports, ports, rail stations – just by involving employees in the team effort to keep themselves and their organisation safe.

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    Support and guidance

    Nominated assessor for the duration of your programme to provide support and guidance

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    Secure e-learning platform

    Bespoke and secure e-learning platform that can be accessed from any supported device

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    Regulated qualifications

    OFQUAL regulated qualifications included in all training programmes

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    Case studies and exercise content

    Sector specific case studies and exercise content to imbed learning

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    Library of free investigative tools

    Access to an ever evolving library of free investigative tools to support our learners

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    Clear professional development pathways

    Clear professional development pathways to include Level 2 through to Level 6 qualifications as appropriate to role

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