The intelligence and security sector has traditionally placed so much emphasis on historic academic achievements At Intqual-pro we believe that the opportunities to achieve relevant qualifications, which recognise the specific skill set of the people working within  intelligence roles have often been limited. We believe that it is essential for intelligence analysts to have the opportunity to achieve qualifications that reflect their chosen vocation.

All of our intelligence qualifications contain a combination of knowledge and skills based learning and assessment. Combined vocational qualifications act as proof that the analyst understands the underpinning theory, yet arguably more importantly, can effectively apply all of the skills essential to be an effective analyst.

Our intelligence qualifications have been developed from the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Intelligence Analysis and have been successfully delivered to analysts working in a wide variety of intelligence roles across the military and law enforcement sectors.

With an under pinning focus on efficient data management, maximising collection resources and detailed analysis these qualifications build on core skills required within an intelligence role. Focusing on more than just analytical techniques, our qualifications also cover intelligence planning, intelligence collection, effective report writing and the verbal dissemination of intelligence to maximise performance. As a result, analysts that train and achieve with us can be sure that they have the full spectrum of competencies associated with an effective intelligence analyst, regardless of their specific role or sector.