What is your organisation doing to ensure PREVENT mandate compliance?

Are you looking for a holistic and sustainable solution to your safeguarding, cyber safety and PREVENT responsibilities? Interpretations regarding PREVENT mandate implementation within the education sector vary, which we believe is largely due to a lack of clarity regarding the purpose.  The new ProQual PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies qualification has been specifically designed to help education sector professionals understand their role within regards to anti-radicalisation, yet also builds the confidence to effectively implement PREVENT policies within the context of  wider safeguarding responsibilities. Ultimately, these responsibilities involve creating an environment in which the radicalisation of young people is less permissive.

Key Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding radicalisation
  • Defining PREVENT responsibilities as part of the wider CONTEST strategy.
  • Understanding the PREVENT mandate and Counter Terrorism strategies.
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities in relation to the PREVENT strategy.
  • Factors the influence vulnerability to radicalisation.
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of radicalisation.
  • Understand the actions that can be taken to reduce exposure to radicalisation.
  • Identifying the role that social media can play in radicalisation.
  • Encourage the safe use of online and social media to reduce exposure to radicalisation
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities associated with safeguarding children and young people
  • Understanding the types of abuse
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Managing the disclosure of abuse.
  • Understanding the effects of online and cyber bullying


Qualification delivery is supported by state of the art, film based learning technology. Become immersed in the lives of young people involved in the radicalisation process and understand how to best prevent this scenario in real life. No form of training gives the confidence to both an individual and their employer like the achievement of an OFQUAL regulated qualification. In areas such as safeguarding and anti-radicalisation we believe that these qualifications are essential to ensure the effective protection of our children and young people. This is the only PREVENT training programme supported by a comprehensive OFQUAL regulated qualification covering all of the core aspects of safeguarding responsibilities.

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