Training Needs Analysis – What and Why?

Where a gap between what training has been carried out and what training is required is identified, there is a requirement for Training Needs Analysis. The process involves determining what training, if any, is required that will benefit both the organisation and the individual.  It is often the first step taken to cause a change that will likely improve and evolve an organisation.

Such needs arise with the introduction of new technology, innovation or organisational evolvement, where staff will benefit from understanding and implementing new skills.  It is crucial that these requirements are established at the earliest opportunity to make the most efficient and effective use of resources, whilst ensuring that unnecessary training or duplication is minimised.

Dangers of a poor or non-existent Training Needs Analysis

Should a Training Needs Analysis not be carried out, or if it is conducted ineffectively, it can lead to non-appropriate  competencies being identified, therefore the wrong people could be employed with insufficient training, which will eventually have a negative impact on both the individual and the organisation. Companies spend large proportions of training budgets on training that has no real impact on operational performance or knowledge. Training Needs Analysis helps to ensure an effective and proportionate allocation of training budgets.

The Solution

Intqual-Pro can offer you a bespoke Training Needs Analysis that will look at jobs and roles in detail and determine the knowledge, skills and behaviours best suited for that role. We then use our cross sector experience to provide a role specific profile report to include training requirements, learning objectives and where appropriate assessment criteria. We can then ensure that you are able to make an informed, considered and justified decision on cross organisational training requirements.

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