Training Centre Support Services

Whether setting up a centre fore the delivery of internal accreditations, or officially regulated qualifications, there are a range of delivery, quality and compliance considerations for any training organisation. At Intqual-pro we are uniquely placed to support the establishment of training centres within secure and sensitive environments and have significant experience in the development of process and policies that are suitable for those working in highly secure environments. Having provided centre set up within a range of organisations, to include military intelligence, law enforcement and private training providers, we can provide the appropriate level of support to get your centre running effectively.

Training and Assessment Qualifications

Regardless of whether your centre is delivering formally regulated qualifications, where appropriate teaching and assessment qualifications are a mandatory requirement, there are significant benefits to ensuring that all of your staff have undertaken and achieved official qualifications that reflect their role within the training process. We are able to provide a range of relevant teaching, training, assessment and quality assurance qualifications. Unlike larger colleges, we deliver all teaching and assessment courses within the context of courses and qualifications that are delivered by your organisation, ensuring that training is contextualised and that individuals qualify with the confidence of delivery specific to their own area of expertise.

Assessment and Quality Assurance Strategies

In line with our training needs analysis offering, an effective and compliant assessment strategy is critical to any training organisation seeking to be efficient with its resources. At Intqual-pro we are experts in developing efficient yet compliant assessment strategies. We are able to review course and qualification frameworks and provide guidance to your centre to ensure holistic assessment and ensure that assessment methods and technologies are being used to maximum effect. We offer branded versions of our own elearning platform to support remote assessment and reduce the logistical and paperwork burden associated with paper based portfolio learning.

Policy Development and Review

In a world in which legislative requirements are constantly evolving it is essential to be proactive to policy and procedure changes. Intqual-Pro are well versed in policy compliance and regulatory requirements as a leading provider of vocationally recognised qualifications. it is not uncommon for training centres to have excellent training strategy, yet fall short on essential policies that protect both learners and centres from a range of training associated risks. We are able to evaluate your sector, programmes and policy requirements and provide appropriate policy guidance or development across the range of policy requirements. We are able to offer policies to cover all of the below and bespoke policy requirements upon request.

  • Safeguarding (to include cyber safety, bullying, radicalisation awareness and adult safeguarding)
  • Educational Health and Safety
  • Complaints and Appeals
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Health and Safety
  • GDPR Compliant Data Process Policy
  • Reasonable Adjustments to Assessment Strategy
  • Learning Contracts
  • Skill Scan
  • Anti Corruption and Bribery