Trading Standards Manager First to Achieve the New Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management

Intqual-pro would like to congratulate Paul “Taz” Taylor, Regional Analyst for the National Trading Standards Intelligence Team (London Region) on being the first intelligence professional to successfully complete the new Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management.

The qualification, regulated by ProQual Awarding Body was developed in 2019 to offer a route of progression for the thousands of analysts who have undertaken the Level 4 Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations Analysis and have moved into managerial positions across the Intelligence community.

Taz Taylor, with previous military and law enforcement experience, is a well-known figure within the regional and national Trading Standards community.

Commenting on the programme, Taz stated: “It has provided me with different thoughts and approaches for various intelligence tasks within my organisation both regionally and nationally. It has taught me to be more critical in my thinking especially when planning tasks for my assistant as well as understanding what Strategic and Tactical management are seeking to achieve.

An improved understanding of Risk Management when applied to Intelligence processes has also benefited me and my organisation and has allowed for further decisions to be made as to what each local authority may be able to achieve going forwards. I have also used some of the acquired skills and knowledge to influence the regional management teams in relation to available tools that will assist in intelligence and investigative information capture and development.

The tasks and assignments in the course are thought provoking and provided me with new processes that can be used going forward, They also assist in the reflective practices at all levels involved in the Intelligence processes within my organisation such as inspiring consultation with Subject Matter Experts in the creation of Collection Plans, Intel Requirements, Strategic and Problem Profiles to assist recommendations.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the modules and it has provided me with more confidence in the work I undertake across the whole Intelligence environment. It has enabled me to conduct evaluation on my organisation and myself to highlight areas of improvement.”

Ash Shah, Interim Head of Regulatory Services and Intelligence Manager for London Trading Standards stated: “Firstly, congratulations to Taz on this brilliant achievement which has not only benefitted him personally, but also greatly supports the intelligence function for London Trading Standards and myself, so it is a big win-win all round.

When Taz joined our organisation, he bought a lot of experience and knowledge with him from an intelligence perspective and since then I have seen him grow both in terms of his profession as well as taking a more strategic and rounded stance.

One of Taz’ strengths is that he is very passionate about intelligence and the benefits it can bring to law enforcement and to that end, he has been instrumental in promoting the intelligence qualifications within our region and we are now ready to put through the third cohort of Intelligence level 4 apprentices.

With the massive changes that we have had to make during this pandemic, Taz has adapted and used many of the strategies learnt through this the level 6 qualification to implement change in order to meet very demanding circumstances. Finally, this new qualification is testament to his hard work, great attitude and commitment to always improve.

Intqual-pro Director of Training, Barry Searle said “This is a fantastic achievement for Taz, his academic engagement was excellent throughout and the quality of work submitted was some of the best that we’ve seen. The feedback shows that the qualification clearly meets sector needs which was our primary driver with this first cohort of intelligence managers.

Intelligence professionalisation is still a relatively emerging concept and whilst we have structured development in place for analysts and management in intelligence environments, it is something that I believe has to date, been overlooked.

Leadership and management styles in these conditions and considerations are often unique and many of our managers lack specific training that allows them to be adaptable within that environment, or we also see experienced managers come from other sectors and professions that struggle to adapt. To be able to offer a degree level qualification specific to intelligence managers is a huge step forward in the professionalisation of our sector. The fact that it is focused on the actual workplace application of management and impact of activities goes beyond academic theory and really gives the manager confidence in their effectiveness, we are very much looking forward to the continued development and role out of this qualification”.

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