The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations – Now Available for Serving Military or Law Enforcement Analysts with a 75% Discount

Are you working as an intelligence researcher, analyst or officer? If you are, consider what formal qualifications you have in this area that reflect your knowledge, skills and experience. For many intelligence professionals the answer to that question is often nothing, as until 2013 there were no official qualifications on the National Qualification Framework that recognise our niche skill set. As part of the professionalisation of intelligence analysis a growing range of programmes and qualifications are becoming available to us. The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations is the most comprehensive intelligence analysis focused qualification available in Europe. It is now delivered to all Military Intelligence analysts within their first 3 years of service, as well as to multiple law enforcement agencies, public and private sector fraud, risk and operational analysts across the UK.

At Intqual-pro we are the UK’s Leading provider of this qualification, having successfully delivered to hundreds of intelligence professionals across multiple sectors. We are now offering the Higher Diploma for experienced intelligence analysts on an assessment only pathway. For individuals that have already completed a range of approved military or law enforcement intelligence courses we are able to recognise your prior learning and experience, enabling us to offer an online based version of the course, developed to allow you to demonstrate existing knowledge and skills in order to meet the evidence requirements of this qualification.

What is Required:

Analysts must demonstrate knowledge and understanding across three key areas through a variety of written question papers, exercises and real life analytical tasks.

  • Fundamental Intelligence Theory and Processes
  • The Application of Analytical Techniques to Develop Appropriate Assessments and Recommendations
  • The Development, Evaluation and Dissemination of Intelligence Products to Support Decision Making

Although no fixed timeframe is applied to the achievement of the qualification it is estimated that experienced analysts take between 6-9 months to complete the programme.

Individual support is provided throughout the process through an allocated assessor.

To see more detail on the content of the Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations please click here.


The Level 4 Diploma is valued at £3000.00, yet due to the recognised prior learning and experience of military and law enforcement intelligence professionals we are currently offering the programme at £550 (Plus VAT).

Payments can be split over a 6 month duration and military learners are encouraged to use a Standard Learning Credit towards the course.


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