Does your organisation need Cyber Stars?

With proposed changes to EU legislation protecting your organisation from cyber-crime has never been so important. Attacks against UK based businesses are up year on year, yet often cyber security responsibilities are restricted to key members of IT departments. Cyber security, as with physical security, is only as robust as the weakest link in the chain. Breaches in cyber security are rarely due to the actions of effectively qualified cyber security professionals, but due to a lack of awareness throughout the wider organisation. Investment in cyber security infrastructure is wasted, unless it is supported by effective education and a culture that encourages personal responsibility with regards to cyber security.

There are a number of cyber security programmes running in the UK, US and Europe that encourage and advise on how to improve cyber security within a business environment. Cyber Stars is the only programme tied to a nationally regulated vocational qualification. Further more, Cyber Stars is not aimed at experienced IT practitioners, yet developed to build awareness and confidence in every day users.

Consider the financial and reputational consequences of a cyber attack against your organisation. The damage can often be irreversible. The Cyber Stars programme provides the best opportunity to identify and mitigate such attacks at an organisational level.

What is the Cyber Stars Programme?

Much like Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and First Aid representatives, we believe that every department requires a “Cyber Star”. A Cyber Star is an officially qualified cyber security representative tasked with ensuring the effective implementation of cyber security awareness and policy within their area of responsibility. A nationally recognised qualification is not only the best way to ensure that employees can perform effectively, it also excellent professional development and develops a sense of personal responsibility with regards to your organisations cyber security.

The Cyber Stars initiative involves officially qualifying chosen members of staff from within each department 0r section of an organisation to act as a cyber security representative. Cyber Stars will undertake the ProQual Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business and as such all prove that they have the sufficient level of knowledge and competence to effectively implement an organisational level cyber security strategy. Cyber Stars will have constant access to the latest cyber security information via the Cyber Security Information Sharing platform (CISP) to make sure that your organisation is cyber security aware at all levels and at all times.

What can a Cyber Star do?

By enrolling your employees as Cyber Stars you are not only offering them an excellent professional development opportunity; you are also encouraging them to take responsibility for cyber security implementation, awareness and vigilance within your organisation. Through the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification in Cyber Security Awarenes a Cyber Star can:

  • Identify current cyber risks specific to your business (including Whale-Phishing and other Social Engineering attacks).
  • Educate colleagues on a range of cyber security issues to include access management, end point security and the safe use of social media.
  • Identify security risks specific to WiFi zones and their usage.
  • Assist in the implementation of effective incident response procedures.
  • Ensure that colleagues are updated with latest cyber security legislation and best practice.
  • Act as a point of contact for the implementation of safe mobile and home working policies.
  • Provide a business wide network of cyber security knowledge to ensure both EU and ISO27001 compliance.

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