TThe Cyber Stars Initiative Launches Cyber Stars “Lite” as an Effective and Engaging Alternative to Mandatory Cyber Security Awareness Training.

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Since the launch of the Cyber Stars Initiative in 2016 we have engaged with and qualified Cyber Stars in 19 Countries. We are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to engage people with cyber threat and enable cultural change. As a result we have teamed up with Critical Cinema to develop a new, fully accredited learning pathway using state of the art immersive film.

Whilst not everyone in an organisation needs to be a Cyber Star, they do all need to be trained and aware to threats. One of the biggest challenges across all sectors is how we get our broader workforces to realise and engage with cyber risk at an individual level. Cyber security is only ever as strong as the weakest link. This film based learning process has been specifically designed as a solution to that problem. To compliment the success of the Cyber Stars Initiative, Cyber Stars Lite provides a new alternative for mandatory or induction training, with a clear assessment metric and opportunity for onward professional development.

This film based learning opportunity is fully accredited and can be undertaken on a range of personal and mobile devices at any time, not only improving understanding, but also ensuring that knowledge is checked through assessment.

If you think that you need to understand more about cyber security threats then join the Cyber Stars Initiative today from just £40.00 per person.

See a trailer of the Cyber Stars Lite film based learning below:

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