The Cyber Stars Initiative – Changing Cyber Security Culture for UK Business

If you do not consider Cyber Security failings to be one of the top three risks to your business then it is likely that you have underestimated both the scale of the threat and potential consequences of a cyber attack. HM Government figures show that cyber attacks cost small businesses in the UK an average of £75,000 – 310,800 last year, dependent on the organisation size and sector. This was up over 100% from 2014, a growth statistic replicated year on year dating back to 2010.

This raises the question, with all of the emphasis on improvements to cyber security infrastructure,why are UK businesses suffering more each year? The answer is short, businesses are not investing enough time and effort into the primary cause of cyber breaches within UK Business, human error. A lack of user awareness, confidence and more importantly a reluctance to take personal responsibility is the single greatest threat to business. Surveys estimate that up to 95% of the most serious breaches in the UK in 2015 were due to human error. Changes to EU legislation in 2018 means that companies could be fined up to $20 million, or 4% of Turnover if they are victim of a cyber attack that exposes customer data. A number of large UK businesses across finance, logistics, insurance and manufacturing sectors are now joining the Cyber Stars Initiative. Start to make the changes within your business today that will ensure effective cyber security tomorrow.

What is the Cyber Stars Initiative

The Cyber Stars Initiative is the UKs only Cyber Security Awareness course with an OFQUAL regulated qualification attached. This ensures that each and every individual that attends the course has proven their ability to identify cyber threat and respond appropriately. By ensuring that this course is accredited with an official qualification both the learner and employer benefit. The learner gains a recognised qualification as proof of competence in this key business area. This is not only an excellent professional development opportunity for the individual but educational studies have regularly proven that by awarding a qualification and receiving recognition of knowledge an individual is significantly more likely to share that knowledge with others. For the employer, they gain the confidence that every individual has proven their understanding and achieved a nationally recognised  level of cyber security awareness. Furthermore, they have the confidence that each individual is able to apply that knowledge in the work place.

The Cyber Stars Initiative is not just about training and qualifications, it provides businesses with a sustainable solution to cyber security awareness for the future. On completion of training each Cyber Star will be given responsibility for increasing cyber security awareness within their wider business area. Cyber Stars will have access to a Cyber Security Information Sharing Area in which key threat information can be regularly accessed and shared, ensuring that current and emerging threats can be identified and staff can be appropriately educated in the most timely manner. Cyber Stars are encouraged to access this information regularly to ensure effective awareness throughout the organisation.

How Many Cyber Stars do I Need?

The answer is very much relative to business size and structure. The Cyber Stars Initiative seeks to qualify one nominated person of responsibility from each department or business area. It is then the Cyber Star’s ongoing responsibility to increase awareness and educate their wider area of responsibility. Much like Health and Safety representatives, Cyber Health and Safety is now also business critical and will soon be enforced through legislation. A Cyber Star will act as that representative and help to ensure business wide compliance. Rather than a top down, hierarchical approach to Cyber Security, which is continuing to prove ineffective, Cyber Stars encourages a peer to peer educational process, delivered in specific context to each department and the individuals working within them.

Content and Cost

The Cyber Stars Initiative is ran over just one day and can be delivered at any client site or one of our national venues. Learners are then supported online and provided with a range of resources to increase personal understanding and share within their own place of work.

The Cyber Stars Initiative starts from just £179.00 per learner, when compared to the potential cost of non-compliance, can you afford not to invest in changing your businesses cyber security culture before it is too late?

Key Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Understanding the principles of cyber security.
  • Identifying cyber risks specific to your organisation.
  • Access management.
  • End point security.
  • Security risks specific to WIFI zones.
  • Effective incident response procedures.
  • Safe use of social media networks for business.
  • Associated legislation
  • Effective implementation of mobile and home working policies.

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