ProQual Level 2 Award in Understanding the PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies (601/8082/1)


The UK’s most comprehensive OFQUAL regulated, combined safeguarding and anti-radicalisation (PREVENT) qualification. This qualification naturally combines essential anti-radicalisation (PREVENT) training, cyber safety awareness and more traditional safeguarding topics into one holistic qualification package. On completion of this qualification individuals and their organisations are better placed to develop and effectively implement the range of PREVENT and safeguarding policies as required by OFSTED.

Exposure to radical propaganda in all of its forms and the radicalisation of young and vulnerable people is a growing issue in the modern world. Radicalisation is not limited to one region, ethnicity or religion and as such this qualification identifies radicalisation in all forms. By understanding all forms of radicalisation we are better placed to counter  the existing issues, yet also any potential future threats to community cohesion. An understanding of the PREVENT mandate and the confidence to act appropriately when faced with the threat of radicalisation is essential to mitigating these threats. As such, anti-radicalisation training and PREVENT qualifications have never been so important.

Achievement of a specific anti-radicalisation (PREVENT) qualification allows organisations to be sure that critical learning outcomes have been understood by all. This method of qualification also provides a more sustainable solution to future PREVENT training within your organisation. By qualifying key individuals these people are better equipped to educate and inform their wider organisation and community.

We also highly recommend the achievement of this PREVENT qualification for students within Further or Higher Education. As with all signs and symptoms associated with safeguarding issues, these individuals are ideally placed to recognise the signs and symptoms of radicalisation within their own peer groups and community.

Delivered utilising Britkitpro film based learning materials


This qualification ensures that learners have the ability to effectively implement their PREVENT training and safeguarding responsibilities. Key learning outcomes for those responsible for children and young people are highlighted as below:

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding radicalisation
  • Defining PREVENT responsibilities as part of the wider CONTEST strategy.
  • Understanding the PREVENT mandate and Counter Terrorism strategies.
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities in relation to the PREVENT strategy.
  • Factors the influence vulnerability to radicalisation.
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of radicalisation.
  • Understand the actions that can be taken to reduce exposure to radicalisation.
  • Identifying the role that social media can play in radicalisation.
  • Encourage the safe use of online and social media to reduce exposure to radicalisation
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities associated with safeguarding children and young people
  • Understanding the types of abuse
  • Identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Managing the disclosure of abuse.
  • Understanding the effects of online and cyber bullying


In partnership with ProQual and Britkitpro this PREVENT qualification is achieved using a state of the art interactive film, in which learners are able to follow the journey of individuals exposed to radicalisation as well as more broad safeguarding topics. In this environment the learner can engage with the young people at the centre of a radicalisation situation, within a safe, yet highly realistic simulation. This allows our learners to fully understand their role within the application of the PREVENT strategy. This method of learning allows an individual to better identify the vulnerabilities and methodologies associated with radicalisation and understand how they would feel and act in a real life situation. This film can be accessed on a range of devices, to include mobiles and tablets, allowing for convenient achievement and learning at a pace suited to individual needs.

Qualification achievement, inclusive of access to all online film based learning materials, qualification registration, assessment and certification is just £79 per learner.  This is the only safeguarding, anti-radicalisation and cyber safety awareness qualification available in the UK.

In addition to film based qualification achievement, at no additional cost*, Intqual-pro will:

  • Provide a  half day workshop for educators, which will focus on ensuring organisational cohesion on understanding and the effective implementation of an anti-radicalisation policy.
  • Work with you to develop your organisations written policies, to ensure PREVENT strategy compliance.
  • Provide a range of exercises that can be used to promote critical thinking and British values within all age groups (including special educational needs).

What will this qualification give me?

  • Clarity of the role of the PREVENT mandate and your role and responsibility as part of the wider CONTEST strategy.
  • Confidence to implement effective policies and working practices to reduce the risk of exposure to radicalisation.
  • An ability to identify those that may be vulnerable to radicalisation and the associated signs and symptoms.
  • An understanding of how online and social media influences radicalisation and the ability to limit exposure to radical materials via these methods.
  • An appreciation of how the PREVENT mandate is an extension of existing safeguarding responsibilities.
  • A UK approved, OFQUAL regulated qualification which will provide a sustainable option for future PREVENT training requirements.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is ideally suited to any individual working within the education sector or directly with children and young people of all ages. It is also a responsibility for individuals working within clubs and associations for which safeguarding and PREVENT responsibilities apply.

It is also recommended for all young people within Further and Higher Education, to include those working towards apprenticeships.

Early Years Education

On the surface, training associated with counter terrorism appears to have little place within an Early Years setting and has been met with understandable reluctance from some. This is why training delivered within a context specific to Early years educators is so crucial to understanding your very specific role and responsibilities.

The requirement for the implementation of anti-radicalisation training is not aimed at promoting counter-terrorism within young children, but to build the foundations for acceptance of alternative viewpoints, appreciation for other cultures and the first steps to becoming resilient to radicalisation in later life. All of this can be done without reference to terrorism and is always met with a much more positive response when contextualised to Early Years educators.

* no additional cost for supporting services is based on a minimum of 8 learners undertaking the qualification.