Safeguarding & Prevent

Safeguarding children and young people is an area in which Intqual-pro has a great passion. Our specific areas of expertise ensure that we are well placed to educate practitioners around the growing areas of risk associated with children and young people. Specialising in fields such as cyber-crime, online bullying and anti-radicalisation, without omitting the significance of more traditional safeguarding issues, we offer some of the most holistic solutions to safeguarding training.

Attendance based training in these critical areas is proving to be insufficient. We believe that a metric for measuring the knowledge and competence of those responsible for the wellbeing of our children and young people is essential. With an individual that has achieved an OFQUAL regulated qualification with us, you can be confident that the individual has proven their knowledge and competence to a nationally recognised standard. Surely something that is essential when dealing with the wellbeing of children and young people?

With the increasing pressure to implement an effective PREVENT anti-radicalisation strategy within all levels of the UK education sector, we have developed specific qualifications and training materials to support the education sector. There is crucial overlap between PREVENT strategy requirements and wider safeguarding responsibilities and at Intqual-pro we have developed pragmatic learning packages to support understanding of the requirement, but also to facilitate the practical implementation of policy in a real world environment.