ProQual Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management (New)


Following the unparalleled success of the Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations we are proud to be the first UK based provider of the Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management. The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations is the UKs most popular regulated qualification for Intelligence professionals, across a varied range of sectors and roles. At Intqual-pro we have been at the forefront of intelligence professionalisation in the UK for the last 5 years and are always seeking new opportunities to develop and reward both the knowledge and professional skills of our colleagues across the Intelligence and security sector. The launch of the Level 6 Diploma ensures that the thousands of people that have completed the Higher Diploma, now have a clear route of progression into an Intelligence Management role and an opportunity to achieve a qualification that recognises that skill set. This will be the first Level 6 qualification, specific to Intelligence managers that can be achieved outside of a University setting.

The diploma has been designed to combine conventional programmes that focus on leadership, management and communication, yet has been developed to be specific to the requirements, considerations and risks associated with the Intelligence sector. The qualification is developed to focus on both knowledge and skills, critically evaluating the need for specific leadership and management styles within certain environments, yet also providing evidence of effective management, communication and development within a management role. The programme builds on the knowledge of intelligence theory and structured analytical techniques developed within the Higher Diploma and seeks to develop individuals to effectively manage a team operating within this environment.


This programme equips analysts with a comprehensive knowledge and management skill set that can then be applied throughout their career.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understand Leadership and Management considerations specific to the intelligence environment
  • Create effective personal and team performance within an intelligence environment
  • Understand the impact of workplace and team culture within an intelligence environment
  • Understand the processes associated with the effective management of intelligence
  • Manage the intelligence requirements planning process
  • Manage risk associated with collection planning
  • Manage the application of structured analytical techniques for the production of intelligence
  • Manage the production of intelligence products to support decision making
  • Manage considerations associated with audiences for intelligence products
  • Understand how risk management can influence decision making
  • Develop training, education and personal development opportunities for staff working within an intelligence environment


All of our qualification programmes are designed to support the needs of busy intelligence professionals, seeking to train and support achievement, without unnecessary time away from work. This programme requires both knowledge development and application of skills. The knowledge development element of the programme is delivered over a three day residential period, in cross sector cohorts, allowing you to engage with and learn from the experience and perspectives of Intelligence Managers from within other organisations and sectors. Over this period we will explore situations and scenarios in which leadership, management and communication styles may be appropriate.  The remainder of the course is delivered through our online elearning system, with monthly coaching and progression interviews with our training team to assist in the application and evidence capture of effective intelligence management. This allows for rates of progression to suit professional and personal commitments, whilst ensuring continuous support from our training and assessment team.

What will this qualification give me?

  • An understanding of traditional management and leadership styles can be applied appropriately within evolving intelligence environments.
  • Increased awareness of communication styles and considerations and how to maximise these within an intelligence setting.
  • Confidence to apply a wide range of leadership styles to improve relationships with key stakeholders and team members
  • The ability to consider individual and team needs when developing collection, analytical and tasking priorities.
  • The Highest level of vocational intelligence qualification in available in Europe as recognition of your knowledge and skills as an Intelligence Manager.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is suitable for any intelligence analyst, data analyst or investigative researcher seeking to have their skill set formally recognised. Roles include but are not limited to:

Military intelligence managers

Police intelligence managers

Fraud and Insurance managers

Trading Standards, Environmental Health intelligence team managers

Financial crime managers

Risk managers

Marketing managers

Water, Oil and Gas sector analytical managers