ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business (601/0465/X)


An effective social media footprint is critical to the success of any organisation, regardless of their size, sector or goals. Possessing both the knowledge and skills to develop and manage social media marketing content is often critical to the success of an organisation. This Social Media Marketing qualification ensures that individuals have the required level of training and are able to demonstrate their ability to properly implement an appropriate social media marketing strategy.

On completion of this qualification an individual will have a professional level, practical and theoretical knowledge of the use of social media for business. The qualification covers all of the major social networks and how the use of these can be linked to a website through a clear digital marketing strategy. Training also includes search engine, social media and mobile optimisation and how all of these can be used to benefit businesses.

This course is for you if you are using a range of social media channels, including and know the ‘how’ but you are not sure whether you are taking a strategic approach or whether you could be doing it better.

This Social Media Marketing qualification is supported by state of the art online learning resource, to build an individuals’ confidence and generate exposure to a wide range of social media marketing software and tools. The range of learning available within this diploma will ensure that individuals return to the workplace with the ability to contribute to the full range of social media marketing outlets.


This programme equips individuals with a comprehensive knowledge and social media marketing skill set that can then be applied throughout their career.

There are three clear pathways to achievement of this qualification:

Marketing Pathway

Technical Pathway

Generic Pathway

Primary Learning Objectives Include:

  • Principles of social media for business
  • Principles of keywords and optimisation
  • Social networking management for business
  • Using collaborative technologies
  • Using digital and social media in marketing campaigns
  • Creating and optimising content for the web
  • Imaging software
  • Principles of mobile social media for business


Due to the nature of the qualification, delivery is focused on the learners’ ability to engage with and exploit a variety of specifically designed online learning resources. Dependent upon experience the average learner will require up to 10 hours per week of learning, which would allow for full qualification completion within 9 months. Timeframes are completely flexible and self paced learning is ideally suited to those with a range of other commitments. Learners will also have direct support from an allocated assessor.

What will this qualification give me?

  • Confidence to effectively utilise a range of social media tools for marketing.
  • The ability to link web site design and social media marketing to maximise content.
  • An understanding of how digital marketing strategies can be effectively implemented.
  • The ability to produce social media marketing content that best suits business needs and goals.
  • Confidence to effectively use keyword optimisation and collaborative technologies.
  • An understanding of mobile social media marketing strategies as part of a wider social media marketing campaign.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is suitable for a range of individuals seeking to optimise their marketing strategies across the full spectrum of social media outlets. This qualification is suitable for large organisations seeking to ensure that existing social media marketing approaches are still effective, yet equally small business owners seeking to develop a skill set and reduce the reliance on third parties. Regardless of the organisational structure this qualification helps to optimise all future social media marketing and provides a clear return on investment.