ProQual Level 4 Certificate in Cyber Security and Intrusion for Business


The UKs first cyber security qualification regulated as part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Developed by industry experts, this qualification is designed to ensure that individuals have the required knowledge and practical skills to effectively protect their businesses IT networks from the growing number of cyber threats. Cyber Crime is a growing concern to all sizes of business, changes to regulations around cyber security and the legal requirement to protect the various types of sensitive data stored on IT systems means that it has never been as crucial for businesses to understand how to implement an effective cyber security strategy.

Whilst larger organisations often have good network security structures in place, smaller business owners may not have the capacity for such systems and processes, yet the risk is often the same. This qualification in Cyber Security and Intrusion for Business helps to develop the core skills required to effectively manage cyber risk within an organisation, giving confidence of compliance and reducing the reliance on costly external support.


This programme equips analysts with a comprehensive knowledge and practical skill set that can then be applied across a range of situations

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding and identifying the types of cyber risk.
  • Implementing appropriate network configurations and defences.
  • Applying effective testing and monitoring procedures.
  • Account management
  • Cyber security policy development
  • Incident response and recovery
  • Network Monitoring
  • WiFi security perimeters


Cyber Security and Intrusion training is offered using a variety of online resources and technical support. The focus of this qualification is on building the confidence to apply a practical skill set to effectively manage cyber security. As a result, a range of practical exercises and network security tools are available for individuals to practice on a variety of scenarios. All learners will have a tutor to support and an extensive range or reading material and theory is also provided.

There is also an opportunity to undertake this qualification through more traditional classroom based delivery, yet focus remains on the development of an effective cyber security skill set.

What will this qualification give me?

  • Confidence to identify cyber threats and take appropriate action.
  • The knowledge to develop appropriate policies for business to reduce the risk of cyber-crime.
  • Confidence to apply practical solutions to best configure networks to protect from cyber threats.
  • An appreciation of how to manage other network users to increase organisational cyber security.
  • A UK recognised, OFQUAL regulated vocational intelligence qualification as recognition of your knowledge and skills.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is suitable a range of junior IT professionals seeking to move into a cyber security role. It is also suitable for individuals with a background in network management seeking to achieve a qualification which recognises their knowledge and skills.

This qualification is also specifically relevant to small business owners looking to develop the ability to maintain their own cyber security.

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