ProQual Level 2 Award in Understanding Communication Security (601/5941/8)


We live in a world where cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism are of an increasing threat to both individual and organisational security across a range of professional sectors, specifically in potentially hostile environments and high risk sectors.

Comprehensive understanding of this threat and the ability to take action to effectively reduce the risk of exploitation, through the implementation of effective communications security practices and procedures has never been so critical to asset protection.

This Communication Security (COMSEC) qualification has been developed to ensure that employees that attend training within this field are given the opportunity to demonstrate the required level of knowledge and competence to reduce the risk of exploitation via communications devices. By undertaking this qualification employers will have confidence that every staff member has achieved a nationally recognised standard and have proven the ability to operate in a secure manner.


This Communication Security qualification includes a comprehensive range of practical examples and scenarios to allow learners to engage with real life threats. Communication Security training delivery is designed to build confidence and facilitate the effective implementation of security policies within potentially hostile environment.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understanding the methods employed by cyber criminals.
  • Mitigate and minimise the risk of exploitation via communications devices.
  • Identify when you have been exploited through a communications device.
  • Understand the legislation associated with cyber crime
  • Identifying and reducing the risk of exploitation via social media.
  • Understanding how geo-locational data can be exploited for criminal use.


Communication Security training delivery is structured to meet specific individual or organisational needs. Traditional classroom teaching is available, supported by a range of online resources and assessor support.

What will this qualification give me?

  • An appreciation of the spectrum of risks associated with communication security in potentially hostile environments.
  • Confidence to apply appropriate security principles to reduce the risk of communication device exploitation.
  • The ability to limit opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit your personal and organisational information.
  • An understanding of how social media and geo-locational information can be exploited and the ability to better protect personal information online.
  • A UK approved, OFQUAL regulated qualification which acts as proof of knowledge and competence.

Who is this qualification suitable for?

This qualification is ideally suited to individuals and organisations operating within any high risk or potentially hostile environment. Ideal job roles include:

Oil and Gas Sector employees

Law Enforcement Personnel

Prison Officers and Support Staff

Probation Officers

Justice Sector Employees



Local Authority Children’s Services

Overseas Contractors

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