Cyber Skills

Regardless of your specific job role and sector, cyber skills are increasingly important to success. At Intqual-pro we understand and respect how critical digital tools can be for any organisation, yet with the increasing threat of cyber-crime, we also understand the need for education within the cyber safety and cyber security fields.

Many of our courses are designed to encourage the effective use of digital tools in areas such as investigation or marketing, yet equally important are qualifications with a focus on cyber safety, cyber security and communication security in hostile environments.

As all of our cyber qualifications focus on building skills and confidence, learners at all levels can be sure that they are best placed to safely work in a modern and often IT dependent workplace. Qualifications have been designed by industry experts and have transferability across a plethora of job roles and sectors, ensuring the most up to date knowledge and skills is transferred to all of our learners.

The “Cyber Stars” Initiative

With proposed changes to EU legislation, protecting your organisation from cyber-crime has never been so important. Hacks against UK based businesses are up year on year, yet often cyber security responsibilities are restricted to key members of IT departments. Breaches in cyber security are rarely due to the actions of effectively qualified cyber security professionals, but due to a lack of relevant qualifications throughout the wider organisation. Cyber security, as with physical security, is only as robust as the weakest link in the chain.

Much like health and safety, equality and diversity and first aid training, we believe that every department requires a “Cyber Star”, an officially qualified representative tasked with ensuring the effective implementation of cyber security awareness and policy implementation within their area of responsibility.

The Cyber Stars initiative involves qualifying chosen members of staff from each department to act as a representative. They will undertake the ProQual Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business and as such all have proven that they have the sufficient level of knowledge and competence to effectively implement an organisational level cyber security strategy.

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