About Intqual-pro

Since 2014, the Intqual-pro mission has been to provide high quality training and regulated qualifications to intelligence professionals employed in a variety of roles. Our trainers consist of former military, law enforcement and financial services intelligence and investigation specialists and we have quickly become the UKs largest provider of OFQUAL regulated vocational intelligence qualifications, with over 1000 learners completing qualifications with us each year. In recent years, our expansion has led to us becoming the first UK training provider to offer an OFQUAL regulated qualification in Internet Research and Investigation, Understanding the PREVENT Strategy and Cyber Security Awareness for Business. While accreditations exist within these fields, we were the first to offer regulated qualifications  in these specific areas.

In addition to our range of stand alone qualifications we also now deliver a range of levy funded apprenticeships, specific to intelligence and risk related roles and are the UK’s first End Point Assessment centre for Intelligence Analysis. These opportunities provide capable individuals working within the sector an opportunity for both career and personal development, improving role specific knowledge, skills and behaviours and improving the effectiveness of intelligence and security focused departments.

Given our specific expertise and experience, Intqual-pro quickly extended our cyber safety remit. Cyber safety and cyber security are crucial to both business and personal success. Our Cyber Stars Initiative has now been delivered in over 25 countries and seeks to increase the knowledge and skills required to effectively mitigate cyber-crime in a business environment. The Cyber Stars Initiative has been developed to provide effective and sustainable Cyber Security awareness and is specifically designed to allow for a measurable and sustainable approach to cyber security threat.

In 2020 Intqual-pro became one of the first providers for the new regulated qualifications in Fraud Investigation and Fraud Prevention. This provides a new opportunity for those working in fraud and investigative roles to undertake professional development and achieve a formally recognised qualification pathway parallel to their peers that we have already supported within their intelligence and analytical roles

Intqual-pro continues to expand and we have become an industry leader in the design, development and delivery of intelligence, cyber and security associated qualifications.

Our Clients:

We work with a wide variety of clients to include a range public sector organisations, large multinational financial institutions and International security providers. We treat the security and privacy of our clients with the upmost respect and as such do not advertise the specifics of our services with individual clients, yet client references can be provided upon request.

Recent Client Feedback

Cyber Stars

This session was one of the best I have attended through Barclays with relevance that transferred across both professional and personal life.  A great event and one I would certainly recommend.


Senior Product Manager – Barclays

I just wanted to say thanks again for the programme, as a cyber security practitioner, I often don’t think about the bigger picture and this course really opened my eyes.


Senior Manager  – HSBC

Higher Diploma Intelligence Operations

I just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic support during the course. I have learned so may new skills and grown in confidence as a result of the programme. Feedback from the staff was incredibly useful.

Sonia – HM Government

The course used useful and thought-provoking techniques and processes which the business could utilise when looking at specific problems to be addressed


Asset Planner – NWG

I thoroughly enjoyed this qualification as it allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge in my specific area of expertise. It clearly highlighted areas of my role that could be reviewed and improved.


Deputy Department Head – Law Enforcement Agency

Prevent and Safeguarding Strategies

A very eye opening day, it showed me just how much safeguarding has evolved and all of the issues associated with online threat and modern day safeguarding issues


Safeguarding Lead – Private Training Provider

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for a great session yesterday. I feel that I have taken away a lot of important information which I believe would benefit me on my role at the company as well as day to day life. Your presentation was easy to keep up with and your explanations could not be any clearer.


Trainer – Ashley Hunter