Mandated Anti-Radicalisation Awareness Training for Early Years Educators. Do you Understand the Requirements?

Many Early Years educators have been left confused by new legal requirements issued as part of the Counter Terrorism Act 2015. It is now mandatory for Early Years educators to undertake anti-radicalisation training and implement effective processes within their wider safeguarding responsibilities. This is also something Ofsted will be responsible for monitoring as part of their remit moving forwards.

On the surface, training associated with counter terrorism appears to have little place within an Early Years setting and has been met with understandable reluctance from some. This is why training delivered within a context specific to Early years educators is so crucial to understanding your very specific role and responsibilities.

The requirement for the implementation of anti-radicalisation training is not aimed at promoting counter-terrorism within young children, but to build the foundations for acceptance of alternative viewpoints, appreciation for other cultures and the first steps to becoming resilient to radicalisation in later life. All of this can be done without reference to terrorism and is always met with a much more positive response when contextualised to Early Years educators.

At Intqual-pro we run a range of anti-radicalisation, PREVENT compliance training and are currently the only UK based organisation to have delivered the new ProQual Understanding PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies qualification. Radicalisation is not specific to any region, ethnicity or religion and we all have a responsibility to increase awareness and resilience amongst young people.

Attending Safeguarding or PREVENT Anti-radicalisation training does not mean that you have done enough to satisfy the new legislation, or indeed meet Ofsted requirements. You must prove that staff are effectively implementing these policies. By undertaking a qualification, each individual must prove their understanding, which ensures that they are better equipped to effectively implement the relative guidance and policy. This qualification is achieved using a state of the art, film based learning platform, combining legislation and guidance, with a real life radicalisation scenario in which learners can engage.

We are offering bespoke free workshops to any Early Years education providers that undertake the PREVENT and safeguarding strategies qualification*.  In addition we will assist you in any policy development and activities relevant to ensure effective anti-radicalisation and safeguarding compliance.

Contact us today at or call 01462 507007 for further details.

 * Eight learners to undertake the PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies qualification to qualify for the free workshop and policy development support.

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