Level 6 Certificate in Management of Intelligence Processes Coming Spring 2018

With over 1000 learners in the UK having now achieved the Advanced Diploma in Intelligence Analysis or Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations, the benefit of formal and recognised qualifications that reflect the professionalism and competencies of our intelligence and security professionals is clear. At Intqual-pro we strive to offer continuous opportunities for professional development and more importantly, formal qualifications that reflect that skill-set.
To offer our learners an opportunity for progression we are currently finalising development of a Level 6 Certificate in the Management of Intelligence Processes. The qualification will be delivered in association with our University partners and will be the first regulated qualification for the profession that evidences a capability to manage specific intelligence processes. The qualification will provide an opportunity for intelligence managers across a variety of sectors to network and share best practice, ultimately providing an opportunity for individuals to evidence their ability to manage within the intelligence and security sector. Topics include:

  • Effective Management of Intelligence Priorities
  • Identification, Interpretation and Prioritisation of Intelligence Requirements
  • Managing Intelligence Collection Processes
  • Oversight of Intelligence Processes and Production
  • Effective Governance of Online and Digital Resources
  • Evaluation of Joint Working Considerations within an Intelligence Environment
  • Management of Intelligence Audit Trails and Handling Processes

To book an early place on the course please contact Enquiries@intqual-pro.com

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