Is Radicalisation a Concern in Your Workplace? Pause for a moment and consider whether you have someone that may be vulnerable to radical influencers working with you? If the answer is yes, what are you doing about it?

Most of the companies that we work with admit that radicalisation in the workplace is something that they are giving an increasing amount of consideration. Opinions on the global terrorist events that saturate social media each week, ever growing support for extreme Right Wing and Nazi affiliated groups and fear of Radical Islam are not subjects that are restricted to our homes, schools and leisure time. These are issues that are also prevalent in the workplace.

As of September 2015, a range of public sector organisations, to include educational facilities, local authorities, hospitals and prisons must undertake PREVENT anti-radicalisation awareness training as part of the Counter Terrorism Act 2015. Despite there being no legal obligation for industry to undertake anti-radicalisation training, as part of managing reputational risk and compliance with E&D legislation it is becoming increasingly important to have qualified individuals within the workplace.

Focusing on radicalisation in all of it’s forms, training has been designed to help individuals understand how people become vulnerable to radical influences, how to identify the signs and symptoms of those involved in a radicalisation process and how to respond and act in the event of someone being radicalised within your place of work.

We are proud to be the UK’s leading provider of the most comprehensive Radicalisation awareness qualification. We believe that all E&D representatives and line managers should be given the opportunity to achieve this qualification to ensure that your organisation is best placed to manage threats in a modern world. As well as providing an excellent professional development opportunity, you can be sure that you are best placed to identify and respond to radicalisation in the workplace.

Learning Materials

The Qualification is achieved via state of the art film based learning. This platform can be accessed at any location and on a range of devices. Learning is supported by a half day workshop in which we will provide specific guidance based on your organisational challenges, ensuring that your staff leave with the confidence to apply their new understanding in the workplace.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding radicalisation
  • Defining PREVENT responsibilities as part of the wider CONTEST strategy.
  • Understanding the PREVENT mandate and Counter Terrorism strategies.
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities in relation to the PREVENT strategy.
  • Factors the influence vulnerability to radicalisation.
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of radicalisation.
  • Understand the actions that can be taken to reduce exposure to radicalisation.
  • Identifying the role that social media can play in radicalisation.
  • Encourage the safe use of online and social media to reduce exposure to radicalisation.


At Intqual-pro we are committed to providing essential qualifications to support industry and our pricing reflects this. This qualification, inclusive of all administrative and certification costs is currently available for just £79 per person.

Contact: or call (+44) 01462 507007 for more information.

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