Intqual-pro to be the UKs First Vocational Training Provider to Offer a Level 6 Qualification for Intelligence Professionals

Following the unparalleled success of the Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations we are proud to be the first UK based provider of the ProQual Level 6 Diploma in Intelligence Management. This marks the first BSc equivalent qualification for Intelligence professionals that can be achieved outside of a University setting. The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations is the UKs most popular regulated qualification for Intelligence professionals, with around 2000 people now qualified in the UK, across a varied range of sectors and roles. At Intqual-pro we have been at the forefront of intelligence professionalisation in the UK for the last 5 years and are always seeking new opportunities to develop and reward the knowledge and professional skills of our colleagues across the Intelligence and Security sector. The launch of the Level 6 Diploma ensures that all of those that have completed the Higher Diploma now have a clear route of progression into an Intelligence Management role. The programme provides all Intelligence Managers with an opportunity to achieve a qualification that recognises their skill set and the unique challenges that come with managing within an intelligence based environment.

The diploma has been designed to consider conventional programmes that focus on leadership, management and communication, yet contextualise the specific requirements, processes and risks associated with the Intelligence sector. The qualification focuses on both knowledge and application of skills, critically evaluating the need for specific leadership and management styles within certain situations. In addition to academic based theory on managing within intelligence based environments, students must also provide evidence of effective management, communication and development within their role. The programme builds on the knowledge of intelligence theory and structured analytical techniques developed within the Higher Diploma and seeks to ensure that individuals are managing those processes in the most effective way as their career develops.

Barry Searle, Director of Training at Intqual-pro said ” The development of a Level 6 qualification for Intelligence Managers is a fantastic achievement for the Intelligence community and we are very grateful to ProQual as the Awarding Body for their ongoing support in the development of qualifications for the intelligence sector. Prior to 2013 there were no regulated vocational qualifications available for the Intelligence sector, yet our learner volumes are increasing significantly year on year, with new roles and sectors enrolling onto programmes every month. This is reflective of the ambition and drive for formal recognition that we are seeing from the sector. Previously, the intelligence community had very much used existing qualifications and tried to find a “best fit” for people working in intelligence, yet because of the niche nature of many of our roles, generic qualifications are rarely a good fit. For us to have our own bespoke qualification, specific to managing intelligence processes within often challenging environments is an excellent step forward for us and the recognition of intelligence professionals.

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