How L&D can help to instil organisation-wide cyber security awareness

With the average cost of a cyber-attack rising continuously each year and human error facilitating the vast majority (over 90%) of successful attacks, learning leaders play a vital role in creating a more resilient and cyber aware workforce.

In any organisation, investment in education is the best possible cyber defence. It is important for the wider workforce to understand the sufficient threat they pose and how cyber breaches can have catastrophic implications – to both their organisation and themselves.

The responsibility for cyber security doesn’t solely lie with the Information Security Team; every member of staff within an organisation should have a good level of cyber security awareness.  L&D managers should, therefore, look to take charge of cyber security awareness through effective solutions, with the opportunity for ongoing awareness education.

Managing Human Risk

It is all too common for organisations to presume they are not high-risk and only take action when they fall victim to a malicious attack. Quantifying the nature of human risk that exists in your workforce is essential to provide targeted training that reduces the threat from a lack of cyber security awareness.

The Cyber Stars Initiative uses high-quality, non-traditional risk profile services to allow an organisation to identify high-risk user groups, locations and business-specific vulnerabilities. Read our blog on why traditional risk profiling, such as internal phishing tests, is so often ineffective, here.

Making Cyber Awareness Training Engaging

Compliance training carries a reputation, most notably for being ‘boring’ and it is no secret that employees are regularly disengaged and pay limited attention throughout that training. This is where L&D can make a big impact – to ensure knowledge is retained, training should be relevant, targeted and experiential, drawing away from the “it’s the responsibility for IT” thought process.

The Cyber Stars Initiative has been specifically developed by a combination of technical cyber experts, experienced risk managers and educational psychologists for the most engaging learning experience possible and each course is bespoke in the way it approaches threat and mitigation.

Taking the Lead for Cyber Awareness

Whilst IT and network security departments understand cyber security awareness, they don’t have the understanding of employee development and adult learning principles. Starting a cross-departmental conversation with those responsible for cyber security is key to help drive awareness efforts.

L&D can take advantage of the Cyber Stars Initiative’s sustainable awareness solutions for ongoing training and metrics. With continuous assessment, the programme allows an organisation to provide a snapshot of understanding and risk at any given time; identifying legitimate training needs, without providing unnecessary training to those who have demonstrated an effective level of competence.

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