Welcome to Intqual-pro

At Intqual-pro we are passionate about recognising the capabilities and achievements of individuals working across the intelligence, cyber and safeguarding communities.

Cyber StarsWe firmly believe that all professionals should be offered the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised qualification as proof of their knowledge and skill set, within their chosen vocation. Although there are a number of training courses available across the fields in which we have expertise, we are the only UK based training provider with OFQUAL regulated qualifications attached to all of our training courses.

We ensure that each and every individual who undertakes training with us has the opportunity to achieve an internationally recognised, OFQUAL regulated qualification, acting as proof that they have met a nationally recognised standard in their chosen field. In areas such as intelligence analysis, cyber security and safeguarding, these qualifications are an essential part of proving that you have the skills to perform a role.

With experience across a range of sectors and specific problem sets, our experienced sector professionals are ideally placed to meet your organisations specific needs.


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Develop the underpinning knowledge and essential analytical skills to maximise your performance as an analyst or researcher. Explore our range of OFQUAL regulated qualifications.



In a modern world, where cyber risks evolve every day, the confidence to effectively identify and respond to cyber threats is critical to the success and safety of any organisation. Explore our range of OFQUAL regulated qualifications.



The safety and wellbeing of children and young people is crucial to us. Threats to children and young people continue to evolve as a result of social changes and increased use of cyber space. Ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities with our range of OFQUAL regulated qualifications.