Getting a hacker’s eye view

The methods of cyber criminals are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, more targeted and a lot more damaging to businesses. Because our digital footprints grow rapidly each year – providing opportunities for blackmail, extortion and other criminality – evaluating our true level of risk has never been harder.

Darkbeam, a multi-layer search engine, allows organisations to see their cyber vulnerabilities as a hacker would, across the surface, deep and dark web. Collating results in under one minute, Darkbeam highlights more than 55 elements within seven cyber posture categories and provides remedial action to counter existing cyber threats.

To minimise risk and implement an effective cyber security strategy, understanding our cyber risk profile is essential. From staff email addresses and login credentials to spoof domains and mail server issues, many social engineers have demonstrated that a range of exploitable opportunities can be found in no less than 5 minutes.

Darkbeam has been successfully used by organisations in over 30 countries, alongside the Cyber Stars Initiative, to measure internal risk and risk factors associated with supply chain and customers. All information is provided in a single, easy-to-understand report suitable for those with no prior experience.

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