End Point Assessment – Intelligence Analysis

As the UKs lead organisation in undertaking Intelligence Analysis End Point Assessment we bring specific experience from a range of EPA activities and employer engagement, allowing us to engage with multiple sectors and analytical roles. With increasing engagement with this apprenticeship standard we are the chosen EPA provider for a range of military, law enforcement, local authority, financial services, gambling sector, insurance providers and retail organisations, showing our ability to deliver consistent and relevant EPA across the breadth of the Intelligence Community.

End Point Assessment for the role of Intelligence Analyst consists of three elements:

Knowledge Test:

Scenario based questions to ensure confident understanding of underpinning intelligence knowledge and application of that knowledge within a sector specific environment. Knowledge tests are carried out under invigilated conditions using our online assessment platform. Questions and scenarios will be made specific to the organisation and role of the analyst to ensure relevance and fairness of assessment.

Work Based Project and Presentation:

The core element of End Point Assessment, the Work based project is developed through communication with the employer to ensure a relevant and feasible piece of work within the boundaries of information sources and analytical techniques available within your organisation or sector. The project is designed to showcase the skills of the intelligence professional in planning, conducting and disseminating intelligence. The project will be presented as part of the End Point Assessment and supported by a written report, after which questions and answer is conducted to determine whether the project was developed with adequate application of knowledge.

Professional Interview:

The final piece of the End Point Assessment is a professional interview, conducted by both a subject and sector competent End Point Assessor. The interview will consist of role specific questions, allowing the apprentice to provide relevant examples of knowledge, application of skills and demonstration of appropriate behaviours within their workplace.

The full End Point Assessment Strategy can be found here.