Sustainable Cyber Awareness Solutions

Cyber Stars Portal

On achievement of their qualification each Cyber Star will continue their awareness education. Each individual will be provided access to a Cyber Stars Portal. This portal contains a daily threat feed which can be filtered by sector, so that Cyber Stars can remain aware of threats specific to their industry. It also contains a range of educational materials and policy documents, allowing cyber stars to spread cyber security awareness throughout their organisation and remain aware of evolving threats.

It is then the Cyber Stars’ responsibility to access that portal on a regular basis and identify current and emerging cyber threats. The Cyber Star is then a nominated point of contact for circulating that awareness  throughout their wider area of responsibility, ensuring a sustainable and holistic approach to cyber security education within a business environment.

Studies show that employees are far more receptive to information when it is transferred at a “peer to peer” level, rather than enforced through a hierarchical structure. The Cyber Stars initiative involves changing the organisational culture related to responsibility for cyber security. We do this by qualifying chosen members of staff from within each department to act as a Cyber Security Representative. This principal has been applied by businesses to satisfy a range of legislative requirements since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act. The need is long overdue to apply the same principles to cyber security.

Cyber Stars 365

In partnership with educational knowledge retention specialists Elephants Don’t Forget we are delighted to be able to offer a cost effective and efficient solution to ongoing cyber awareness training and metrics. It is a common misunderstanding to think that we must retrain all of our staff each year in exactly the same way, often generating increasing resentment and reduced levels of engagement. With cyber security, there is a requirement to provide metrics for understanding, which does not necessarily require a repeat of training.

With this programme of continuous assessment, staff received three questions per week across the breadth of cyber security topics. As questions are answered correctly, the AI provided by Elephant’s Don’t Forget will recognise the level of knowledge retention and gradually reduce and then stop asking questions. For those that answer questions incorrectly, individual pieces of specific education can be provided to increase understanding and retention and then questions repeated in the following weeks.

Cyber Stars 365 allows an organisation to provide a snapshot of understanding and risk at any given time, identifying those with legitimate training needs, without providing additional unnecessary training to those that already can demonstrate an effective level of competence.