Cyber Stars 365 – Metrics to Organisational Cyber Security Culture

The Cyber Stars Initiative has been an imbedded part of cyber security strategy for organisations across the globe since 2015, with over 200,000 Cyber Stars worldwide. With increased demand for metrics that highlight both knowledge and risk within an organisation, our client demand has led to the development and implementation of Cyber Stars 365.  A sustainable cyber security awareness solution that provides a 24/7, 365 day insight across your business. The platform provides detailed metrics on knowledge and engagement over time whilst allowing for detailed insight into specific user groups, job functions or locations. In turn, these metrics provide evidence for regulators and also inform effective awareness strategies. Future awareness and education activities can be developed based upon an analytical understanding of training needs and targeted for the correct user groups, eliminating the requirement for unnecessary re-training.

Understand how Cyber Stars 365 can drive your cyber security strategy in this short video.

How are Questions Determined?

Questions are grouped based on specific subject groups and focus on threat  threat, response and mitigation, with an opportunity to tailor questions to specific organisational needs. Once learners provide a satisfactory level of understanding for a specific category, questions of that nature will become dormant and learning will focus  on areas where understanding and retention requires more focus. This ensures that the learning experience and associated assessment is individually tailored across the entire organisation, increasing efficiency and overall corporate knowledge.

How are Questions Assigned?

System users are assigned to knowledge categories based on their level of access, risk or function. Questions are then derived at random from these categories and can be answered at a users leisure. A user can then see their engagement and individual knowledge retention across all categories for which they are enrolled. Engagement and knowledge can be measured over time and comparisons made from data collected. This allows cyber leaders to clearly understand cyber security awareness and engagement across their organisation and drive strategy.

What Metrics Does the System Provide?

Management dashboards allow for comparison of all users based on their individual engagement and knowledge. Filters can be applied to analyse data based upon job function, region or a number of other demographics. Acceptable levels of knowledge can be defined and monitored for each user group and in cases where users fall below certain levels of knowledge, specific and targeted training can be provided at an individual level using built in platform training materials. This ensures that individual education and communication strategies can be clearly focused at areas within the organisation that will see the greatest benefit and reduction in risk or exposure.

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