PREVENT Training with a Nationally Recognised Qualification

With the review of anti-radicalisation awareness and implementation underway within the HE/FE sector, many organisations have fallen short of expectations. Policy alone is not enough, inspectors want to see the effective implementation of anti-radicalisation measures and there is no better way to ensure parity and confidence than by the achievement of the only nationally recognised PREVENT and Safeguarding Strategies qualification.

Achieve the UK’s first Safeguarding and Anti-Radicalisation Strategies qualification using state of the art film based learning.  View the qualification trailer now. Achieve a UK recognised safeguarding and anti-radicalisation qualification using state of the art film based learning on any device and from any location. Now just £79.00 inclusive of access to al learning materials and an OFQUAL regulated qualification on completion.

There are a range of anti-radicalisation training providers offering services to fulfil the legislative requirements related to anti-radicalisation (PREVENT) awareness for those working with children and young people. Attending training does not prove that sufficient policies and procedures are in place to counter the risk of radicalisation. This is the only OFQUAL regulated qualification to cover safeguarding, cyber safety and anti-radicalisation requirements, with an approved assessment that demonstrates sufficient knowledge across all three areas.

Listening to feedback from educators and child care professionals, many individuals working within the sector were unsure of the requirements around PREVENT. Many more were often uncertain of the ethnic, religious and cultural perceptions associated with this area of learning. As a result we have supported ProQual Awarding Body and Britkit-pro to develop the UKs first film based learning platform with a nationally recognised qualification attached.

The PREVENT responsibility for adults is in identifying the risk to those individuals within their duty of care. Radicalisation comes in a number of forms; however, the engagement factors and symptoms are often the same.  Confidence to recognise the signs and symptoms of this process and  the ability to make the right decision when confronted with a young person victim to radicalisation is crucial to effective policy implementation. This qualification was developed to fulfil that specific requirement.

Barry Searle, Director of Training said:

“Feedback to date has been fantastic and this is undoubtedly one of the best qualification opportunities available within the UK. For years E-learning platforms have restricted individuals from achieving official qualifications and the same training had to be undertaken time and time again. This platform means that for the first time we can ensure a nationally recognised standard is achieved with regards to anti-radicalsation training within a safeguarding context. Many individuals may have thought that it was not relevant to them as they simply did not understand the requirement. All go away demonstrating a far better understanding of their responsibilities in relation to PREVENT.”
For further information on undertaking this qualification as an individual, or for your wider organisation please contact us today at or call (+44) 01462 507007 and one of our qualification co-ordinators will be happy to provide more information.

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