Are you a Military or Government employed intelligence analyst? What qualifications do you have that reflect your skills and experience?

If you are a Military or Government intelligence analyst, the chances are that you have attended a wide variety of courses throughout your career for which you have been provided with a certificate of attendance. Rarely are these certificates qualifications. Yet there is an increasing demand across all sectors for nationally recognised and formally regulated qualifications to prove competence. Service leavers are increasing year on year and as a result the job market is becoming increasingly competitive for those seeking new opportunities. As a result, having the right qualifications to reflect your abilities has never been so crucial.

Who else is doing the qualification?

All intelligence analysts that join the Intelligence Corps or RAF Intelligence trade are now offered the opportunity to achieve the Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations within their first three years of service. This is the highest level of competence based intelligence qualification available within the UK and acts as proof of competence across all sectors. At Intqual-pro we have a range of intelligence trainers from across defence, law enforcement and the private sector and we have successfully delivered this qualification to a range of intelligence professionals working across organisations within the public and private sectors since the qualification was launched in September 2014.

If you would like parity with the others now being offered this opportunity, please talk to us about our assessment only package. We do not want you to sit through days of training in subject matter areas in which you already hold significant expertise. The assessment only package can be offered at a significant discount due to the reduced level of teaching and training required. This route allows you the opportunity to prove your knowledge and competence within your chosen field and achieve a nationally recognised qualification in Intelligence Operations.

Which prior courses are acceptable?

If you have attended courses such as OPMI, OPAIC, JOC, JAIC, BIAIC, UKIAC, NIAT, DIAC then you should already hold much of the fundamental knowledge required to achieve this qualification

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification was developed specifically to meet the national occupational standards for intelligence analysis. As a result, it covers the full spectrum of knowledge and competence required to be an effective analyst.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Managing intelligence based tasks.
  • Understanding the intelligence cycle
  • Intelligence collection planning
  • Effective use of intelligence sources
  • Collation of information for intelligence analysis
  • Analysing and interpreting intelligence using a range of analytical techniques.
  • Making assessments as a result of an analytical process.
  • Making recommendations based upon intelligence analysis
  • Creating appropriate intelligence products to inform decision making
  • Effective dissemination of intelligence (written and verbal)
  • Review and continuous improvement of the analytical process.

See the full qualification here.

What would I have to do?

Based upon an initial assessment the minimum requirement is attendance at a one-day refresher workshop, where we will cover all aspects critical to qualification achievement. The qualification is then achieved via distance learning, where your allocated assessor will provide constant support and guidance as required throughout the process.

Within this time, you will be required to submit 3 written assignment papers on intelligence processes, analytical techniques and the theory of dissemination.

To achieve practical competencies, you will be required to develop 3 intelligence products based on a range of options most relevant to your role and experiences. These can be real life everyday products, evaluated by one of our DV cleared assessors, or alternatively products developed specifically for the qualification.

How long does it take?

Learning is paced dependent on the individual and can be paused at any time due to personal or work commitments. The average learner on the assessment only programme takes between 4-6 months to complete, yet we allow up to 2 years for completion. Again, this may be extended further due to extenuating personal circumstances.

How much does it cost?

The Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations is a full 73 credit, level 4 qualification. The average cost of such a qualification in the UK is almost £4000. This qualification is valued at over £6000 by the SFA. We offer the full qualification for £1890.00 at the lowest price, yet the assessment only package is offered to those that have proof of prior appropriate course attendance for just £720.00. For military learners a standing learning credit can be used which reduces the actual cost to just £545.00. Certain Government organisations have also fully funded learners as part of an intelligence professionalisation programme. Remaining payments can be split over a time period of up to 6 months.

For more information please contact or call 01462 507007

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